The PlayStation Network (PSN) is the online network of Sony Playstation. Through this network you can play against other gamers but also buy items such as games, game expansions, expansion packs, music, films and more. You can also purchase PlayStation Plus.

PSN codes are available from 10 dollar. Now that is not so bad, but how much on = that can go fast. In that case, purchasing is an option, but you may not have money, right?

Gift cards

How to get free PSN codes?

Generate and use free PSN codes! But not with a fake PSN generator. You have to earn them with dowloading games and play them, so there is no survey needed. So you can get Free PSN Codes.

There are a few methods to earn points so you can redeem them for a real PSN card:How-to-earn-Free-PSN-Codes-

  • Play video and mobile games
  • Watching game trailers, cooking video‚Äôs and other fun movies
  • Completing surveys
  • Downloading mobile apps
  • Subscribing to newsletters
  • Filling in questionnaires
  • Participating in giveaways


Why does they giveaway Free PSN Codes?

Primeprizes can give away free game cards by using advertisers. These advertisers pay their money in exchange for placing advertisements, carrying out market research and promoting websites.

You as a user helps these advertisers carry out market research, visit websites or view advertisements. In exchange you receive points that you can exchange for a free game card and Primeprizes receives money from the advertiser to fund your free game card.